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Heaven DVD & CD

  • Heaven DVD & CD


Released Date:2003
Closed Captioned / Subtitled
Package Includes: 1 DVD & 1 CD




Bill Gaither has long dreamed of bringing together a diverse group of authors, theologians, artists and children to share the longing and curiosity about what is heaven. Through music, dialogue and readings, Bill and Gloria Gaither and their Homecoming Friends, along with well-known authors, pastors, and speakers explore---and perhaps glimpse---what heaven will be like.


This World Is Not My Home - The Homecoming Friends
The Promised Land - The Homecoming Friends
Land Where Living Waters Flow - The Florida Boys
Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere - Jake Hess
We Shall See His Lovely Face - Wesley Pritchard, Allison Durham Speer, Tanya Goodman Sykes, Gene McDonald
When We All Get To Heaven- The Homecoming Friends
One Day - Lynda Randle
Canaanland Is Just In Sight - Ivan Parker
Jesus, I Heard You Had A Big House-  Amber Thompson
I Don't Belong (Sojourner's Song) - Buddy Greene
When They Ring The Golden Bells - Stephen Hill
Look For Me - Tanya Goodman Sykes
Sweet Beulah Land - Squire Parsons
I Couldn't Being To Tell You - The Old Friends Quartet
O Come Angel Band - The Isaacs
What Are They Doing In Heaven - Babbie Mason
Go Down, Death narrative - Wintley Phipps
One More River - Woody Wright
It's Not About Now - Janet Paschal
No More Night - David Phelps
What A Day That Will Be - Guy Penrod, David Phelps