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The Sweetest Song I Know DVD & CD

  • The Sweetest Song I Know DVD & CD


Released Date: 1995
Closed Captioned
Package Includes: 1 DVD & 1 CD


This Hall of Honor project features Southern Convention style singing, which took place near the turn of the century. This was a time of all day and all night singing -- plus potluck dinners and the music of traveling quartets. Hear great old hymns with a new, vibrant style.

The Sweetest Song I Know
Do Right And Come Smiling Thru
Look On The Brighter Side
An Old Convention Song
Goodby, World, Goodby
Won't We Be Happy?
He Will Surely Make It All Right
I've Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart
I'll Meet You By The River
Angels Walking Around
When I Got Saved
Heavenly Love
It Won't Rain Always
My Home
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Heaven Is Sounding Sweeter
Down On My Knees
You've Got To Walk That Lonesome Road
I'd Rather Have Jesus
Lift Me Up Above The Shadows
Sheltered In The Arms Of God
No One Cared So Much
I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone