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Australian Homecoming DVD & GVB: Everything Good CD

  • Australian Homecoming DVD & GVB: Everything Good CD


Homecoming Series


Australian Homecoming ~ A welcoming audience of Australian friends, the beautiful backdrop of Sydney during its spring season, and an unforgettable evening of music make this one of the most memorable musical events in the history of the Homecoming series. Package includes "Everything Good" audio!

    DVD Songs Include:
  1. I'm Gonna Sing
  2. Not Gonna Worry
  3. New Day - featuring Jeff & Sheri Easter
  4. You Must Be Born Again - featuring Jeff & Sheri Easter, Bill Gaither
  5. Heartbreak Ridge And New Hope Road
  6. Knowing You'll Be There
  7. These Are They
  8. Hallelujah Chorus - featuring Anthony Burger
  9. Comedy - featuring Taylor Mason
  10. Everything Good
  11. When The Rains Come
  12. I Love You, Lord
  13. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
  14. My Soul Is Anchored To The Rock - featuring Janet Paschal
  15. Why Not Crocodile Me? - featuring Mark Lowry
  16. Comedy - featuring Bill Gaither and Mark Lowry
  17. What Were You Thinking? - featuring Mark Lowry
  18. He Came Through (The Lord Came Through)
  19. Let The Glory Come Down - featuring David Phelps
  20. This Is The Time I Must Sing - featuring Bill Gaither and a young Australian Friend
  21. The Really Big News
  22. Forgive Me
  23. There Is A River
  24. It Is Finished
Bonus Footage
  1. Alpha And Omega
  2. She Loved - featuring Jeff & Sheri Easter
  3. I Will Never Leave You Alone - featuring Janet Paschal
  4. New-Born Feeling/William Tell Overture - featuring Anthony Burger
  5. Bill talks with the crowd
  6. He Touched Me
  7. There's Something About That Name - featuring Gloria Gaither
  8. Something Beautiful - featuring Bill Gaither
  9. Because He Lives - featuring Mark Lowry, Guy Penrod

      GVB: Everything Good ~ "Everything Good" marks the GVB's first recording with Grammy-winning baritone Russ Taff, who blends to perfection with tenor David Phelps, lead singer Guy Penrod, and Vocal Band patriarch and bass Bill Gaither. The music from this project is featured in the Homecoming video from Australia!

        CD Songs Include:
      1. I'm Gonna Sing
      2. Alpha And Omega
      3. Heartbreak Ridge And New Hope Road
      4. Knowing You'll Be There
      5. O Love That Will Not Let Me Go
      6. When The Rains Come
      7. Everything Good
      8. The Really Big News
      9. I Pledge My Allegiance
      10. Forgive Me
      11. He Came Through
      12. When He Talked About His Home
      13. It Is Finished