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God's Zoo/Go West/Campout DVDs/CDs

  • Gods Zoo/Go West/Campout DVDs/CDs


Includes: 3 DVDs & 3 CDs


God's Zoo
On a journey through God's zoo, the Homecoming Kids discover how they can be caretakers-and-caregivers-in God's kingdom of four-legged creatures.  They also learn that two-legged creatures need a little maintenance, too. 
Homecoming Kids Theme
God's Zoo
I Can Do That!
Could You Choose to Use Me?
Marvelous Machine
God Can
The Days Of Creation
Can He, Could He, Would He, Did He?
Would You Pick That Nose?
Such An Awesome Thing
May I Help You?

Go West
In this exciting adventure, the Homecoming Kids wind up in the Wide, Wide west - and Fritz has gotten lost along the way. Join George Younce, Vestal Goodman, Buddy Greene, Bill Miller, and Jeff & Sheri Easter as they help the kids learn "to look on the inside and not on the outside" of things.
The Homecoming Kids Theme
Oh, The Wide, Wide West
Jesus, I Heard You Had A Big House
Jonah And The Whale
Take Another Look
Hallelujah Hoedown
Has The West Been Won?


In Homecoming Kids Camp Out the kids meet at the tree house to go on a camping trip with George Younce, Vestal Goodman, their bird-brained friend Fritz and their new friend Bailey, a huggable blue donkey! (He's from the long line of Balaam's talking donkeys!) As your children watch,they will learn that camping trips can be a lot like life.
Down By The Creek
Colorful Rainbow
God Loves To Talk To Little Boys While They're Fishin'
God Bless The Days
It's A Miracle
I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up
My Father's Angels Medley
Good Night, Jesus
Breakin' In The New Day