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Gloria's Children's Books 4 PK

  • Glorias Childrens Books 4 PK


Includes: 4 Books & 3 Audio CDs


In this heartwarming story, celebrated author and award-winning lyricist Gloria Gaither uses her song "Ordinary Baby" as the basis to share the timeless truth of Jesus' birth and life. Children will enjoy reading the simple text along with the CD, Ordinary Baby not only makes known the story of just why Jesus came, but why he chose to come to earth as a baby. With its vibrant and engaging illustrations, Ordinary Baby is certain to become one of your child's most treasured books.

Celebrated author and award-winning lyricist Gloria Gaither presents an encouraging story based on her classic song "My Father's Angels." My Father's Angels reminds young hearts that God's heavenly protectors are always at hand. The words to Gloria Gaither's wonderful, reassuring song and enchanting artwork weave a promising message that children can sing along to with the bonus music CD.

Celebrated author and award-winning lyricist Gloria Gaither brings us a heart warming story based on the bestselling song "I Am A Promise." Because every child is full of promise, potential, and possibility, kids can be assured that with God's help they can become anything he wants them to be. Beautiful full-color art will delight young readers as they sing along with the music on the bonus CD.

Cardinal Courage:

This beautifully written and illustrated family book is the delightful story of a singing couple who travels on week-ends, a pair of cardinals trying to establish a home, and four children discovering the wonders of nature and what it has to teach them.