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Goodby, World, Goodby 2 Pk

  • Goodby, World, Goodby 2 Pk


This 2 Pack offers both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Goodby, World, Goodby for the special price of $14.95. Order today and save!


In the tradition of the all-day singin' dinners, tent meetings and tabernacles, these CDs bring you a revival of sacred music from one of gospel music's monumental eras. Volume 1 CD song list: 1.Goodby, World, Goodby 2. He Will Lead His Children Home 3. Look On The Brighter Side 4. Sing Your Blues Away 5. How Long Has It Been 6. I Have A Song Inside 7. You've Gotta Walk That Lonesome Road 8. He Is Mine And I Am His 9. Some Glad Day 10. In The Sweet Forever Volume 2 CD song list: 1. I've Got A Wonderful Feeling 2. My Home 3. I'm Standing On The Solid Rock 4. Gettin' Ready To Leave This World 5. If We Never Meet Again 6. When I Got Saved 7. That Old Time Preacher Man 8. I'll Be True 9. Lift Me Up Above The Shadows 10. Where No One Stands Alone