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Homecoming Kids Special

  • Homecoming Kids Special


This package contains the DVDs and CDs of I'm Something Special The Branch Office, HC Kids Camp Out, HC Kids Go West, God's Zoo. 4 DVDs and 4 CDs


No kid should grow up without knowing the awesome adventures of the Homecoming Kids. Make your holiday a joyful experience with this special package of the Homecoming Kids Series DVDs. I'm Something Special Branch Office DVD song list: 1. The Homecoming Kids Theme 2. Beautiful Feet 3. I Wonder How It Felt 4. I'm Something Special 5. The Laughing Song 6. Love Never Gives Up 7. Kids Under Construction 8. He's Still Workin' On Me 9. I Am A Promise 10. I've Just Gotta Tell Ya HC Kids Camp Out DVD song list: 1. Down By The Creek 2. Colorful Rainbow 3. God Loves To Talk To Little Boys While They're Fishin 4. God Bless The Days 5. It's A Miracle 6. I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up 7. My Father's Angels Medley 8. Good Night, Jesus 9. Breakin' In The New Day HC Kids Go West DVD song list: 1. The Homecoming Kids Theme 2. Oh, The Wide, Wide West 3. C-C-C-Courage 4. Jesus, I Heard You Had A Big House 5. Jonah And The Whale Wheels 6. Take Another Look 7. Hallelujah Hoedown 8. Has The West Been Won? God's Zoo DVD song list: 1. Homecoming Kids Theme 2. God's Zoo 3. I Can Do That! 4. Could You Choose To Use Me? 5. Can He, Could He, Would He, Did He? 6. Would You Pick That Nose? 7. Such An Awesome Thing 8. May I Help You?