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The Legend At Gaither's Pond/Great Divide/Fishtales DVDs

  • The Legend At Gaithers Pond/Great Divide/Fishtales DVDs


This special package contains The Legend At Gaither's Pond DVD, The Great Divide DVD and Gaither's Pond Fishtales DVD. 3 DVDs.


The Legend At Gaither’s Pond
What's spooking the creatures of Gaither's Pond? Is the villain as monstrous as it appears? Or, is there something fishy transpiring below the surface of the deep? In this DVD tale, a little dragonfly shows unflinching courage as she faces the culprit and teaches her pond friends this life-changing lesson: God is bigger than fear!
Down At Gaither's Pond
The Legend Of The Pond Bottom Beast
On My Way, On My Own
A Little Guy Hits The Big Time
That's The Way We Do It
The Great Divide
Bribed by three industrious beavers, Carp Lowry convinces the Wave Makers and the Pond Preservation Society-the pond's two chief factions-that the "no dam building" ordinance is archaic.  When the sticks start to fly, Gaither's Pond is divided into several splinter groups.  But pond harmony is restored when Carp confesses and the Friends of the pond determine to tear down the barriers that divide them. 
Down At Gaither's Pond
Wait'll You See My Brand New Home
Always Done It This Way Before
Let It Flow
Don't miss the boat that's heading to another exciting journey down to Gaither's Pond. In episode two of the Gaither's Pond Video Series, "Fishtales", some strange things have been happening down at the pond. Carp (Mark) Lowry has gone too far with his newsletter.
Down At Gaither's Pond
Bein' Happy
I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey
Highway To Heaven