The Best of the Gospel Singing Jubilee Vol 4 DVD

  • The Best of the Gospel Singing Jubilee Vol 4 DVD


Released Date: 1996
Includes: 1 DVD


Most southern gospel lovers back in the '60's, got up a little early on Sunday morning, put the coffee pot on, and got the kids dressed while watching a TV program call "Gospel Singing Jubilee". Well, we have found those tapes and have put together what we think are the best of some fourteen groups who appeared on the Jubilee.
Old-Fashioned Love
He Was There All The Time
That's Just His Way (Of Telling Me He Loves Me)
Good Morning Neighbor
I'm So Happy
Come To The Water
My God Is Real
He'll Hold To My Hand
It Won't Be Long
Gettin' Ready Today
In The Garden
Treasures Unseen
I'll Shout And Shine
Born To Serve The Lord
That I Could Still Go Free
I Can Tell You The Time
Lovely Name Of Jesus
When God Dips His Love In My Heart
At The Roll Call
Come To Jesus
For God So Loved
I've Come Too Far Turn Your Radio
On Remind Me, Dear Lord