The Best of the Gospel Singing Jubilee Vol 5 DVD

  • The Best of the Gospel Singing Jubilee Vol 5 DVD


Released Date: 1997
Includes: 1 DVD


Most southern gospel lovers back in the '60's, got up a little early on Sunday morning, put the coffee pot on, and got the kids dressed while watching a TV program call "Gospel Singing Jubilee". Well, we have found those tapes and have put together what we think are the best of some fourteen groups who appeared on the Jubilee.
Keep On The Firing Line
Go Right Out
One Way Flight
Here They Come
He Is Mine And I Am His
Now I Have Everything
Born Again
Talk About The Good Times
Your First Day In Heaven
Jesus Opened Up The Way
At The End Of The Trail
Beyond The Sunset Should You Go First And I Remain (Recitation)
Thanks For Loving Me
Consider The Lillies
That Glad Reunion Day
Every Time I Feel The Spirit
The Lovely Name Of Jesus
I Couldn't Begin To Tell You
Build Your House On The Rock
On The Sea Of Life
When I Cross To The Other Side Of Jordan
Without Him
He Touched Me
Most Of All
God Will Take Care Of You
Little Boy From The Carpenter's Shop