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Homecoming DVD & CD

  • Homecoming DVD & CD


Released Date: 1991
Package Includes: 1 DVD & 1 CD


The living legends of gospel music gathered in Nashville in 1991, for what was to be a recording session but became a historic "Homecoming." Eva Mae LeFevre said, "I've experienced a brand new anointing, and I've prayed that God will use this video in a new and very special way." This recording session became an extraordinary day of fellowship, prayer, and great gospel singing. You'll clap, laugh, and cry as you watch and listen to this musical delight.
Where Could I Go? - Homecoming Friends
Narrative - Bill Gaither
Narrative - Eva Mae LeFevre
Piano Solo - Eva Mae LeFevre
I'll Meet You On the Mountain - Homecoming Friends
What A Day That Will Be - Homecoming Friends
Narrative - George Younce
Narrative - Michael English
Had It Not Been - Homecoming Friends
If That Isn't Love - Homecoming Friends
How Long Has It Been? - Jake Hess
Narrative - Larry Gatlin
Your First Day In Heaven - Homecoming Friends
I'm Free - Vestal Goodman
Narrative - Howard Goodman
I Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey - Howard & Vestal Goodman
I Don't Want To Be Adjusted - Howard Goodman
Heaven's Jubilee - Homecoming Friends
I Don't Regret A Mile - Howard & Vestal Goodman
O Come Angel Band - Howard & Vestal Goodman
Narrative - James Blackwood
Narrative - Bill Gaither
Faith Unlocks The Door - Jake Hess, George Younce
Narrative - Buck Rambo, Vestal Goodman
Until Then - Homecoming Friends
What A Happy Time - Homecoming Friends
Going Home - Michael English, George Younce
I Bowed On My Knees - Larry Gatlin, Michael English
Narrative - Bill Gaither
I'll Meet You In The Morning - Homecoming Friends