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Sing-A-Long Gaither's Pond DVD & CD

  • Sing-A-Long Gaithers Pond DVD & CD


Gaither's Pond Series


Sing along with a choir of critters down at Gaither's Pond! This fun video and cd package features songs from the Gaither's Pond video series.

    DVD Songs Include:
  1. Down At Gaither's Pond
  2. Out Of His Great Love
  3. ProblemsRumormill
  4. Dig A Little Deeper
  5. Highway To Heaven
  6. God Takes Good Care Of Me
  7. I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey
  8. Always Done It This Way Before
  9. Bein' Happy
  10. On My Way To Heaven
  11. Wait'll You See My Brand New
  12. Home
  13. Led Out Of Bondage
  14. Let It Flow
  15. Down At Gaither's Pond

    1. CD Songs Include:
    2. Down At The Gaither's Pond
    3. Out Of His Great Love
    4. Bein' Happy
    5. Rumormille
    6. Highway To Heaven
    7. Problems
    8. Always Done It This Way Before
    9. Let It Flow
    10. Legend Of The Pond Bottom Beast
    11. On My Way, On My Own
    12. When The Little Guy Hits The Big Time
    13. That's The Wat We Do It