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Jake Hess: Jus' Jake And A Few Close Friends - Digital

  • Jake Hess: Jus Jake And A Few Close Friends - Digital


Release Date: 1995
Digital Download Album


"Good friends are like good songs, they stick around. Both are in this album. The good friends who share the memories and the songs -- old and new -- that lift us up when we think we're down. Thanks to a family that has always made the sacrifices. Thanks to Bill and Gloria who reminded me that people still care and thanks to my God who surely does take real good care of me." - Jake Hess

You And Me Jesus
God Takes Good Care Of Me
Sunday Meetin' Time
Death Ain't No Big Deal
Then I Met The Master
Come On And Sing
A New Song
God On The Mountain
Management Position
If God Didn't Care
Faith Unlocks The Door