I'm Something Special DVD & CD

  • Im Something Special DVD & CD


Released Date: 1994
Closed Captioned
Package Includes: 1 DVD & 1 CD


Featuring Vestal Goodman and George Younce, every kid's favorite adults from The Gaither Homecoming Series, the Homecoming Kids: Chelsea and Jordan Bennett, Madison Easter, Megan English, Ricky Free, Libby And Nathan Hodges, Chaz Mason, Alyson and Mallory Sykes, Amber Thompson, Jordan Taylor, John Wade and Fritz, the most lovable, accident-prone bird on the planet.  
The Homecoming Kids Theme
Beautiful Feet
I Wonder How It Felt
I'm Something Special
The Laughing Song
Love Never Gives Up
Kids Under Construction
He's Still Workin' On Me
I Am A Promise
I've Just Gotta Tell Ya