Homecoming Kids Camp Out DVD & CD

  • Homecoming Kids Camp Out DVD & CD


Released Date: 1995
Closed Captioned
Package Includes: 1 DVD & 1 CD


In Homecoming Kids Camp Out the kids meet at the tree house to go on a camping trip with George Younce, Vestal Goodman, their bird-brained friend Fritz and their new friend Bailey, a huggable blue donkey! (He's from the long line of Balaam's talking donkeys!) As your children watch,they will learn that camping trips can be a lot like life.

Down By The Creek
Colorful Rainbow
God Loves To Talk To Little Boys While They're Fishin'
God Bless The Days
It's A Miracle
I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up
My Father's Angels Medley
Good Night, Jesus
Breakin' In The New Day