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Benjamin Gaither & Marshall Hall: Songwriters CD - Digital

  • Benjamin Gaither & Marshall Hall:  Songwriters CD - Digital


Release Date: 2002
Digital Download Album


Behind every song is a story... a journey that each idea must take before it is set into flight. Benjy Gaither and Marshall Hall now unveil some of the journey that their songs have taken before they were eventually recorded by respected artists such as David Phelps, Alicia Williamson and Salvador, to name a few. This musical compilation brings you a taste of the process, allowing you to experience the history of each song. "We thought it would be interesting to put some of our contemporary praise and worship demos on one project," says Benjy. "We recorded our songwriting sessions and hopefully, people will enjoy hearing the creative process that a song goes through before it ends up in its final form on the released album."

Writing Session 1
Freedom Song
Writing Session 2
Cry Holy
Writing Session 5
I Came To Praise
Writing Session 6
One Man (Road To Recovery)
Writing Session 7
Writing Session 8
When We Lift Up
Writing Session 9