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The Cathedrals: 50 Faithful Years DVD

  • The Cathedrals:  50 Faithful Years DVD


Released Date: 1994
Closed Captioned
Includes: 1 DVD


You'd recognize the sound anywhere - the rich, deep bass voice, the clear resonating lead singer, the close 4-part harmonies, the excitement that only a Southern Gospel Quartet can create. Put it all together and you have the Cathedrals, probably the best-known gospel quartet.
The sound of the group has always been woven around the two creators of the group, Glen Payne - lead, and George Younce - the bass. Over the years, there have been several different combinations of great talent singing the other parts, but the voices of George and Glen have always been the reason for the unique sound.
"Faithful" is truly the word that characterizes these men. For Fifty years now, these two have given their lives to singing the Gospel. First of all, they've been faithful to their Lord. They could have sung about many things, but instead chose to sing of their Redeemer. They've been faithful to their families, and if you've ever been around their families, you see the results of that faithfulness. They've been faithful to their art form, and still today continue to perfect their performance and communications skills. They've been faithful to the beautiful people who have enjoyed their concerts and recordings down through the years.
I've known George and Glen for forty of those fifty years, and "faithful" is indeed, the best word describe their contributions.
They have and continue to be the best encourages in the gospel music field today. In a day and time when we desperately need some role models who have lived out their faith through the good and the bad times, thank God for men like George and Glen.
Over the years, they've often stopped by our house for breakfast or coffee and gathered around our piano to sing a new song they just learned. Just recently, they stopped by our studio, sat round the piano with some friends and reminisced about their fifty years in gospel music. And, as usual, when the Cathedrals are around it won't be long before you're laughing and having a lot of fun.

Give The World A Smile
A New Born Feeling (I've Got A)
Everybody's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There
I'm Telling The World About His Love
Life Will Be Sweeter Some Day
Bell Of Joy, Keep Ringing
Boundless Love
Time Has Made A Change In Me
I Want To Walk Just As Close As I Can
The Heavenly Parade
O Happy Day
The Laughing Song
Movin' Up to The Gloryland
Thanks To Calvary
There's Something About That Name
I Will Serve Thee
Beyond The Sunset
When I Make My Last Move
Jesus, We Just Want To Thank you