Mark Lowry Goes To Hollywood CD

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Released: 2005
Includes: 1 CD

Mark Lowry delivers a healthy dose of side-splitting comedy and a power-packed line-up of great music.

Ha Ha Hollywood - The Isaacs
Comedy: Welcome And Denominations
Friend 'Til The End - The Isaacs
Celebrate Jesus - Stan Whitmire
Lord Of The Dance - LordSong
Some Things Never Change - LordSong
Comedy: Aging And Eva Mae
Too Big To Miss
The Star Spangled Banner - LordSong
Comedy: I Survived A Tornado
Home Where I Belong
Comedy: Mark Talks To Bill And Intros Michael English & Reggie Smith
I'll Trade The Old Cross For A Crown - Reggie Smith, Michael English, Bill Gaither
I Bowed On My Knees - Reggie Smith, Michael English, Bill Gaither, reMarkable Choir
I Call Him Lord - Kim Lord, Amber Franks Balltzglier
Peace Like A River - The Isaacs
Comedy: Doubters
Make It Real
Wandering Heart - LordSong